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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.6
FreeTrim MP3 offers a simple, fast and convenient way of extracting fragments from audio files (process also known as cutting, trimming, or even splitting). This handy tool lets you open sound files (music, voice recordings, etc.) and play them while offering you access to a visual representation of their waveforms.
This allows easily detecting the start and the end points that define the segment of the audio track which you want saved to a separate new audio file, or removed. This tool is great for creating ringtones (extracting only your favorite part from a song), or for removing unwanted parts, like ads, from sound recordings.

Though its name might make you think it can deal only with MP3 files, it actually supports other audio file formats as well, including WAV, WMA, FLAC, or OGG. In fact, its name might even be considered a bit deceiving, as the free trial version of this tool supports only saving the trimmed pieces to WAV files. Therefore, FreeTrim MP3 is neither free, nor capable of saving to MP3 output files, unless you upgrade it to its so-called “Deluxe” version. Worst of all, the full version is not even reasonably priced for a mere audio file cutter. Furthermore, the installer of this so-called free version is plagued with attempts of installing adware on your system.

Considering the aforementioned disadvantages, I’d say you skip this tool and keep searching, as there are surely better (more honest) audio file cutters out there. It doesn’t even matter anymore that this tool is easy to use or that it comes with cool features such as support for effects (fading, echo, etc.). It’s simply disappointing.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows adding some effects to the audio track.


  • Can output only to WAV when using the unregistered version.
  • Deceivingly presented as free.
  • Adware-like behaviour (attempts to install additional software which is not needed for its functioning).

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